About us

KAC, Images & U, LLC.

Established in 2007, K A C, Images and U, LLC. is a Boutique Firm that specializes in Public Relations, Publicity Management, Creative Branding, Lifestyle Marketing, Image Enhancement and Events. Our company demonstrates the importance of client representation and their overall image/brand during the strategic campaign. K A C, Images and U, LLC. provides customized, detailed press plans with unique pitch angles to target media outlets, ranging from international, national and to niche publications. We capitalize on all angles of a client’s product, talent, or service in order to garner press within multiple sections; including features, profiles, shopping guides and celebrity mentions.

K A C, Images and U, LLC. Associates recognize the importance of brand identity and integrity, therefore, approaches marketing as an integral component of any client program. We take pride in fashioning our clients as trendsetters and tastemakers who rise above the competition due to our meticulous attention of the marketplace.

K A C, Images and U, LLC. has been recognized nationally for its service and experience in the following industries:
  • Beauty
  • Business Enterprises
  • Events
  • Fashion
  • Film
  • Lifestyle
  • Media
  • Music
  • Non-Profit
  • Personalities
  • Reality Television
  • Sports