Set and Reset Goals

Determine what you are looking to gain from online marketing. Increased awareness? Increased revenue? You will probably have multiple goals, so keep track of what they are so you can measure your success. When you reach your initial goals, set new goals so that your brand can continue to grow.


Set a Budget

Now that you know who your target market is and have set goals, plan your budget accordingly. The significant thing about online marketing is that your brand can be successful even with a tight budget. There are many platforms that are available at no charge. Determine what outlets are most necessary for your product, and be willing to spend some money to get results.


Brand Yourself

Set yourself apart from the competition. Make your brand unforgettable. This begins with your digital presence including your website. Embrace a strong social media presence.

Brand/Talent/Business Media Pitching

Before you begin your media pitching, stop to think about what is truly newsworthy, especially to the digital and traditional publications that you’re targeting.

Offer value-added identifiers to your brand that are unique from your competition!

Make sure you understand what all details and creatives can be inclusive in your brand pitch, and good luck! For more assistance or information on crafting your brand appeal, please CONTACT US today and schedule a consultation.

Common Ideas
  • Launch of a new product, service, feature, or talent
  • Release of a compelling study and/or innovative idea
  • The brand’s response to a current event and/or crisis
  • News of a high-profile partnership/endorsement