Our Services


Through our long-standing and positive relationships with key editors in print, online and electronic media, we are able to strategically place our clients in the forefront of trends in all areas of popular culture.

Entertainment & Lifestyle Marketing

Our company utilizes creative and strategic public relations and marketing techniques to develop multi-tiered programs that are customized to meet the specific objectives of each client, ranging from brand awareness with key demographics to boosting sales.

We continue to remain passionate about providing relevant solutions for our clients with targeted campaigns and outreach programs that keep our clients top-of-mind. Our capabilities include brand launches, event press, event production, sponsorships, media and product placement and more.

Marketing & Creative Branding

We take pride in fashioning our clients as trendsetters and tastemakers who rise above the competition due to our meticulous attention of the marketplace. Making use of competitive analyses, market research and promotional opportunities, we are able to provide a comprehensive marketing plan that coincides with and supports our public relations goals and tactics.

Network Extension & New Media

Communication and Connection for each client and their brand is vital for any campaign to us. Our proven relationships with key members of the media, celebrities and socialites are integral components of our public relations and marketing campaign. We initiate personal relationships between the media about our clients, ensuring that they are more than just a face and a name but a valuable IMAGE.

Cause Marketing

K A C, Images and U, LLC. manages partnerships between corporations and non-profit organizations that will serve the best benefit of each party. Through these relationships, we are able to increase awareness of a philanthropic cause through the resources of a corporation, while aligning a corporation with a cause that suits their image.

Crisis Management

K A C, Images and U, LLC. counsels reputation and issue management, litigation, support, corporate positioning, media relations and strategic communications for our clients. The media itself plays a substantial role in shaping a brands position. We are “promptly” aware that unanswered “bad” news—whether true or false-can inflict long-term damage in a very short time on an organization’s image or an individual character.

Image Development/Enhancement

K A C, Images and U, LLC. assist clientele with branding and positioning their image throughout the campaign. If the clients seeks to be recognized as an emerging image, or a client who seeks to embrace a new image; our brand devotes key measurements and embodies the extensive creativity to accomplish set goals.

Event Design

K A C, Images and U, LLC. specializes in delivering premium event planning on behalf of our clients. We perform all aspects of the event planning and execution, including luxury gift bags, celebrity red carpet wrangling, and press coverage. Our relationships with media elite, celebrities and socialites provide the best faces in attendance to events that will create buzz and garner press for our client and their objectives.

K A C, Images and U, LLC. will also oversee an existing event in place with on-site media coordination, event production and coordination of celebrity attendance for the following type of special events: Fashion Shows, Record Release Parties, Movie Screenings/Premieres, Product Launches, Editor Events, In-Store Events and Press Conference

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is utilized to improve brand presence while attracting new customers worldwide. We utilize the usage of social media networks, and engaged consumer’s online brand-related activities to digitally market a product or service.

(A’ LA CARTE Services are available upon request)